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You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him find it within himself.

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"I was really pleased with the response I got to my request for new Set members through SetMatch. I was able to follow up each one and two new members joined the Set. We are working really well together. Itís a great service."

Marianne Ecker, OD Manager, Haringey Council

You may already be familiar with the accelerated learning technique known as Action Learning and the format of Action Learning groups, or 'Sets'. If you haven't come across Action Learning before, here's a brief introduction...

Up to now, it hasn't always been easy to find an Action Learning Set to join. We've devised a new service called SetMatch to help out. It's FREE and you can use it to contact others interested in using Action Learning. If you've got a set and want someone to facilitate, use our Directory to find an experienced Set Facilitator near you.


You can use SetMatch to:
  • join an existing Action Learning Set
  • find new members for an existing Set
  • contact others to form a new Set
  • find a Set facilitator
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"Just to say a big thank you for your assistance for help in publicising my advert, the speed with which I became part of a group was impressive. I really enjoyed meeting the like minded members and the session went well too. I am looking forward our next session in a couple of months' time. Thanks once again and keep up the good work."

Shilpa Solanki, Project Consultant, Metropolitan Police Service

"I was looking for a set to join, and have been approached by two different sets. I can't imagine how else I would have got in contact with these people, and feel that SetMatch is an essential service!"

Gill Smith, Partner, Visionpoint

"We have successfully recruited 2 new members, which was more than anticipated. This user-friendly free service has had a positive impact on our group and I personally found the experience of recruiting new members very easy and effective!"

Usma Raja, Director, Harrow Healthy Living Centre


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